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Schema-Focussed Cognitive Therapy (SFCT)

schema-focused-cognitive-therapyCBT has a strong evidence base for helping individuals with interpersonal difficulties. Often CBT is the best approach for such difficulties. Schema Therapy, developed by Dr Jeffrey Young, was developed as an innovative therapeutic approach to expand on traditional cognitive behavioural treatments. In comparison to cognitive-behavioural therapy, schema therapy further emphasises lifelong patterns, affective change techniques, and the therapeutic relationship, with special emphasis on limited re-parenting. In order to affect change, Schema Therapy draws from cognitive-behavioural therapy, attachment theory, psychodynamic concepts, and emotion-focused therapies.

Schema therapy is particularly well-suited for individuals who have a history of not getting on well with other individuals, interpersonal difficulties and eating disorders.

It is also effective for relapse prevention in depression, anxiety and substance difficulties.


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