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Autism Spectrum Disorders

autism-cbt-therapy-basingstoke-hampshireAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a life-long condition that affects the way the person views, understands and interacts with the social world. People with ASD often find it difficult to understand others intentions and feelings, as well as their own. This may leave them feeling alienated from their environment, thinking that they don’t fit in. They can often be misunderstood as being aloof or not interested in engaging with people.

People with ASD often have as much desire to engage with others as much as people without an ASD. However, the difficulty understanding others gets in the way, and often resulting in high stress and symptoms of depression. Also, people with ASD often find overwhelming to deal with change and manage transition, leaving them feeling anxious. In addition to this, the presence of sensory sensitivities may amplify the anxiety.

ASD is an extremely variable condition, and very often people who share the same diagnosis have very different difficulties. Cognitive and behaviour psychotherapies, when adapted to the specific individual needs, can be very effective in alleviating some of this distress and help the person manage their difficulties in a more adaptive and helpful way. Most importantly, therapy helps the person to view themselves in a compassionate and accepting way, thus, empowering the person to maximise their strengths and achieve their full potential.

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