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“Initially I met with Maria to explore ways I could cope with Health anxiety – which I had suffered with for many years. A condition that had impacted many of my close relationships, my ability to cope in situations and would take over periods of my life. Maria created a safe environment for me to open up and identify the route cause. Along side her clear understanding of CBT she provided me with an extensive tool kit to be able to handle the times that my health anxiety would rear its ugly head. Most powerfully though, our sessions allowed me to face up to my deepest fears and whilst this was a difficult exercise it’s actually made me view my health anxiety in a different light. I’m confident to say that I’m now in control of my anxiety which had controlled me for so many years.

Due to the trusted environment Maria created it then gave me a safe place to open up about things I never thought I would confront or talk about. Some years ago I was assaulted, in exploring this in our sessions it triggered the on set of PTSD. For many months I was experiencing common symptoms of PTSD and through a plethora of exercises and methods the flashbacks subsided and now I’m able to deal with what happened head on. The support Maria gave me (and continues to give) in and out of our therapy sessions went above and beyond. I couldn’t be more grateful.

I couldn’t recommend Maria more highly. Her empathy, her extensive experience, her creativity and her care are all things that you need in a therapist who you look to confide in. Maria has had a profound impact on me and how I deal with life’s challenges. Thank you!” Anonymous


I first saw Maria in February 2017 at a very low point in my life. Since the age of 7 I’d been having obsessional thoughts (OCD) and never told anyone about them. I finally plucked up the courage to tell my husband (when I was 31) but it wasn’t for help for myself, it was because I felt our son needed protecting from me. My husband was very understanding and found Maria after I shook for three days and told him I wanted to end my life (there was a really long wait for therapy on the NHS and she was highly recommended). My first meeting with Maria changed everything for me, I realised straight away that she genuinely understood what I was saying and for the first time in my life I realised I wasn’t the only one who felt like this. She also helped me to think about the obsessional thoughts in a different way and see that although I’d thought them, it didn’t mean they were actually going to happen. It was like someone had switched a light on for me.

When I first started therapy I was having over 50 obsessional thoughts a day and it was so tiring, but Maria taught me exercises to overcome these thoughts and although I took a number of weeks to crack it, I now have less than a handful of thoughts every day and I know how to cope with them. I never ever thought that anyone could help with the thoughts but Maria knew exactly how to help.

Before therapy I couldn’t eat very much because the high levels of anxiety made me unwell whenever I ate. Since therapy, I’ve been able to eat anything I want without being unwell. I’ve also been gradually reducing the number of medications I take and anticipate being medication free in the coming weeks. I don’t feel anxious about coping without the medications, which I would have in the past.

One of the most important things I’ve noticed is the change in my self esteem. Before therapy I was a bit of a pushover and always worried about what other people thought of me, so I was burning out trying to keep extended family and friends happy. I thought it was all my responsibility. Since therapy, I’ve realised it’s my opinion that is most important and as long as myself, my husband and child are happy and healthy nothing else really matters.

I would never have been able to turn my life around if it wasn’t for Maria; who knows if i’d even be here seven months on if she hadn’t helped me to overcome my challenges. Thank you Maria for everything you’ve done for me. Anonymous


“Maria was an excellent therapist who helped me overcome a difficult time through CBT coaching. She was understanding and easy to talk to, which made our sessions very helpful and productive. I  highly recommend Maria to anyone looking for a CBT therapist.” Anonymous

For the last 10 months, Maria has been a great help to my son, who was suffering from a lot of stress and anxiety at school. It was not long before my son was happy discussing his worries with Maria and he felt that she both acknowledged and understood them. At the same time, we were able to gain a greater understanding of the issues, which was valuable for us. Maria taught our son some useful techniques to help manage his anxiety and she also suggested effective strategies for the school. Her recommendation to ask for an Educational Psychologist assessment has been key to our son getting the help and support he needs at college.  Maria has very much helped our son (and us) deal with a very difficult time for him. Anonymous

Prior to treatment I felt uncomfortable and anxious and overwhelmed even on anti depressants because I needed the strength and confidence to make decisions after i was made redundant and my husband died in Afghanistan to move my son and my life forward. Anti depressants alone stopped me feeling anything, i gained weight was unproductive and lacked any passion. I was indifferent procrastinated and indecisive. Physically weak.

After the treatment I replaced my habit of fear and procrastination on housing/schooling/new career with positive habit of breaking each problem down instead of spiralling into confusion and becoming overwhelmed.

I managed to have a new relationship and stop my anxiety and eating issues by rationalising my thoughts and having healthy positive messages in my head instead of my older unhelpful negative responses.

I stopped living chaotically and fight or flight response and managed to plan and stick to things and start achieving methodically and not taking things personally or sensitively or emotionally as I am now able to automatically think I cant control the outcome of everything I can only control me not others outcomes or reactions. As long as I have done the best I could, I let things go and not affect me at the time and after the event.

I am able to apply the principles and responses across my life and have miscarried since and not spiralled or hidden away as i would have done before. Long term solutions and methods to apply to my life now and in the future.

Firstly thank you so much for your time and for listening; I know it’s your job but I have found your sessions so helpful.

To answer the questions that you asked:

I came for treatment because I felt emotionally overwhelmed and needed an outlet. My thoughts felt cyclical and without resolve.

I really cannot remember how I learned of you! It was so long ago but I may well have googled you! I think I was looking for a CBT therapist after counselling through my doctors surgery which I didn’t find that useful as they only listened. I was after techniques/practical ways (strategies) that would help me find new perspectives.

I have found sessions extremely beneficial and have begun to feel positive after a very short period of time. I have enjoyed learning about how the mind works ( I find this fascinating) and started to become more mindful I think which has improved my happiness. After a difficult relationship I now understand a bit more about his behaviour and more importantly what I want and perhaps who might fit my personality type better. I now feel stronger and like I want to live in the moment.

Thank you again.

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