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Training & Consultations

At adapted Therapies we are totally committed to ensuring our services are the best they can be. Every practitioner is fully qualified and a member of the regulatory body for each discipline they practice in.

To complement their dedication, Adapted Therapies has a support network in place that not only cares for and delivers exemplary services to our clients, but ensures all our staff are able to function to their best ability in an excellent working environment.


Our fully qualified practitioners and therapist are leaders in their field and are trained to the highest standards. They provide an excellent client experience, nothing less than you would expect from a seasoned professional.

At Adapted Therapies we are also able to tailor specific classroom based educational courses, presentations and seminars to corporate companies and organisations either on-site or off-site. If your company is looking for an advantage to get ahead or improve their business functionality, then get in touch with Adapted Therapies.


Our support is on-going and encompasses every aspect of a clients requirements from the initial meeting through comprehensive programmes of lifestyle, health and well-being management.

Best Practice

Maintaining the highest quality and standards is can only be achieved if best practices are delivered at all times. That said, does not mean that Adapted Therapies will only deliver standard service offerings. Our expertise is in exceeding best practice and delivering a service that meets with every clients requirements and also exceeds best practice standards.

Continuous Improvement

As you can imagine the health industry is continually changing and developing and at times it can be very difficult to keep abreast of the best practices, development and leaps in technology the health service delivers from the many professionals working within the industry. At Adapted Therapies we are fully committed to a continuous improvement programme, constantly researching, studying developing and introducing new ideas to satisfy regulatory and legal requirements and conforming to guidelines and best practices.

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