EMDR Therapy 

EMDR is a type of psychological therapy that helps people to process disturbing past events, so the impact of those no longer causes emotional distress in the present, and is no longer affecting interactions and relationships. EMDR is recommended by NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, for the treatment of PTSD, and is the treatment of choice in NHS settings for trauma. The application of EMDR for depression and anxiety is also consistently increasing, resulting in very good therapeutic outcomes.







What is EMDR

Distressing events can affect us in many ways, and not everyone who is affected by trauma will develop PTSD. Trauma, if not processed, can affect our emotional responses, often seen as depression and anxiety, our behaviours and beliefs systems, and have an impact on how we interact with others. EMDR effectively helps the mind to reprocess these experiences, so that they no longer impact our emotions, behaviours, and how we view ourselves.